The Dirty Work Construction Calculator

Master construction math like a pro with this free and easy app. It handles feet and inches, and is loaded with step by step functions like rafters, stairs, and squaring up.

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The most common type of dimension used by construction professionals is formatted in feet, inches, and fractions. It looks like this: 25′ 8 ½”, and its read like “twenty-five feet eight and one half inch”. This is the same as 308 ½”, it is better not to do this. To get numbers on the display:

  1.  Start with feet and then follow immediately with the feet symbol ( ‘ ).
  2.  Proceed with the inches, and again, immediately follow with the inch symbol ( ” ).
  3.  The calculator is now ready to accept fractions.
  4.  Enter the top number of the fraction and follow it with the divisor ( / ).
  5.  Finally, enter the bottom number.

Diagonal calculator

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