Minimum Room Size | Bedrooms and other Finished Spaces

The minimum size for habitable rooms, including bedrooms, is 70 square feet. The room must be no less than 7′ in any direction. Data is based on page 54 of the International Residential Code book. Remember, everything relies on finished measurements.

  • Every dwelling must have at least one room with 120 square feet or more.
  • All other habitable rooms besides kitchens need to have at least 70 square feet.
  • In a room with sloped ceilings, the square footage does not count where the ceiling height drops below 5′.

The difference between a habitable room and a bedroom is that a bedroom has a closet and must be fitted with an egress window.

Rooms that are not habitable such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, and closets have no restrictions on their size.