Learning Center

Building a landing with steps, guardrails, and handrails on the side of a deck within the 2012 IRC requirements using pressure treated pine.

Girders and Beams Learn how to build girders in new house construction according to the 2012 International Building Codes.

How to Replace a Broken 6 x 6 Post on a Dairy Shelter – Learn how to safely replace a damaged 6 x 6 wooden post on a large building, shelter, or barn with this step by step documentation of an actual job.

Digging post holes with a back hoe is a fast alternative for when the ground is simply to hard to go through by hand or with a low powered auger.

Determine Roof Pitch with a ladder, a torpedo level, a speed square, and a straightedge.

Building a Deck Over a Driveway on a basement house with a garage door that is positioned beneath it presents some problems not associated with ordinary deck.

Beginners Guide for Optical Levels – An essential tool for establishing grade (level point) on structures of any size. Setting them up and using one is simple.