Mulch Calculator – How much do I need?

Calculate how much mulch you need for any project with this free and easy calculator. Enter values for feet for the length and width, and then inches for the depth and the number of cubic yards and the number of 2 cubic feet bags will be generated.

Bagged Mulch

For smaller projects it is better to use mulch in bags from your local supplier. These bags most often come in 2 a cubic feet size. This calculator works by solving for the volume of a rectangular prism.

Often shapes are not not exactly rectangular. For such a simple matter as this, it is acceptable to just visualize the nearest sized rectangle for whatever shape you are dealing with. On more complicated scenarios, simply break the whole thing down into smaller rectangular prisms.

Cubic Yards

It is much more economical to buy mulch in bulk. Big truck loads are generally sold by the cubic yard. A cubic yards fills a volume 3′ x 3′ x 3′. Some companies have trucks that easily deliver 5 tons and more.