Running Metal Siding on Large Building

Learn how the pros efficiently run metal siding on a big pole barn with these easy DIY instructions. Follow the crew at Scott’s Framing as they run metal siding.

Metal Sides on a Pole Barn

This project involves 26 gauge painted steel rolled with 5 V’s. This is the exact same steel used on roofs. The construction details are nearly identical. The panels can be ordered to any length. Depending on the supplier, the panels can typically be cut to the nearest 1/2″ Most all suppliers will cut it to the nearest foot. Since we have to re-cut the siding for the shape of the gable, it matters little to us. The main thing is that the metal is long enough. Another thing to consider is that the longer the metal is, the harder ┬áit is to handle, and the more likely the fastening screws will be worked loose from expansion.

Follow these basic rules for a quality job:

  • The big end laps the little end.
  • Screw in every flat and in every girt.
  • Use at least 1/4″ x 1″ hex head screws with rubber washers.
  • Make sure each piece is locked in the same at the top as it the bottom.
  • Even though you may be certain of the fit of all the pieces, it is wise to check the layout by measuring the gain of the panels at the top and the bottom.
  • Take nothing for granted. Thin metal will slice like a razor blade.

The following video follows the crew at Scott’s Framing as they install metal siding in the gable of a big pole barn.