Cut Wood Siding around a Round Louver

Learn how to cut wood siding around a round louver with great speed and amazing precision. This technique for works for wood and Hardie plank siding.

Setting a Round Louver

The process is very simple; the real deal is tedious.

  • Run the siding in the gable as normal.
  • Plumb down from the center with a 4′ level; make a good mark.
  • Find the vertical center of the louver.
  • Place the louver against the siding in reverse.
  • Establish a quality pencil mark around the perimeter of the louver.
  • Saw the siding with an oscillating tool such as the Sonic Crafter.
  • Test fit the louver in reverse in the hole in the siding.
  • Tack up a series of triple 1 1/2″ blocks around the perimeter of the hole.
  • Use the blocks to exactly position the louver and mark the rough opening.
  • Mark an extra 1/4″ around the rough opening.
  • Use a reciprocating saw with a bi-metal blade to saw the opening.
  • Note: Do not saw through any member of a truss without proper approval.
  • Set the louver in the openings and use a torpedo level to establish its position.
  • Nail it in with the proper fasteners according to the job.
  • Re-nail any siding as necessary on their ends.

Vince Setting a Louver