Calculate the Space Between a Variable Number of Openings

Calculate the space between any given number of openings or fixed width openings. Based on the formula: Length – (opening x quantity) / number of spaces.

Use the drop downs below to enter the total length of the wall or whatever other object. Then use the next set of drop downs to select a width for the openings. Finally, select the number of openings. The space between the openings will be automatically fired. Note that this calculator can also divide up the space between a variable number of objects. In this case, the fixed width objects become the openings. Do not confuse the openings with the spaces.

Example: Calculate the Space Between Three 38″ Openings on a 40′ Wall

Step 1: Enter the total length of the wall which is 40′.

Step 2: Select a width for the openings.

Step 3: Select the number of openings.

Step 4: Enjoy the results!

Three windows divided up  equally in a 40' wall.