Gable Stud Calculators

Use these gable stud calculators to solve for the values of all the studs on 16″ center in a gable wall from the long stud down or from the stud up on all standard roof pitches. Scroll down past the Long Gable Stud Calculator to use the Short Gable Stud Calculator which works in reverse.

Instructions for The Gable Stud Calculator

Use a familiar layout method to determine the length of the longest stud.¬†Always work from the long point. This is always 15 1/4″ from the true center of the rafter span in order for both sets of studs to be the same. For situations when the lay out can not be from the center, the two sets of studs need to be calculated separately.

Use the first two fields to enter a value for the long stud in feet, inches, and fraction, or in inches and fraction.

Then select a pitch. The length of the studs is automatically generated and the results are listed in inches.

This tool assumes the layout is 16″ on center and that the roof pitches are true; use the Bulletproof Jack Rafter Calculator for bastard pitch roofs or layouts other than 16″ on center.