Flooring Calculator | Hardwood – Tile – Plywood – Carpet

Calculate how much flooring it will take with easy to use tool. Select hardwood, tile, plywood or carpet. Then enter a width and length for the room in feet.

Room Shape

The shape of any room is rarely rectangular. It most often consist of multiple rectangles and more and more often, other shapes such as triangles, circles, and ellipses. But, whatever the shape, this tool recognizes only rectangles. To make an efficient estimation for the materials in a case such as this, there are but two options.

The first is to break down the area from a complicated shape into a collection of much more simplified shapes: rectangles. No matter how many different offsets are in a given room, it can always be broken down. Just realize it may not always be that simple.

The second approach is to simply guess at a single rectangle which will cover any shape or configuration of shapes imaginable. In other words, make your best guess. This will prove much more valuable than trying to break down really complicated shapes. Make your best guess, its that simple.


Traditional red oak hardwood flooring is packaged in in bundles 19.5 square feet in size. This tool recognizes only this size. With the advent of so many different types of flooring, it would be virtually impossible to list all of the options on this calculator. If there are any questions about how many square feet a certain size bundle will cover, then consult with the supplier.