Gravel Calculator | How many tons do I need?

How many tons of gravel do I need?  This calculator solves for the cubic yards but returns the number of tons based on 2,800 lbs. per yard. Round up to the nearest foot in the length and width boxes, and the same thing just use inches in the depth box to instantly get a result that will work well with most common aggregates.

Solving for the number of tons of gravel needed on uneven surfaces requires at least some estimating. Shapes other than rectangles also need special attention.

  • When using gravel for fill, the underlying surface can often be very uneven. This is going to make the depth vary drastically from spot to spot. The best way to compensate for this is use as many different rectangles as possible for a more accurate calculation.
  • When dealing with a circle, its simple, just treat it like a square and multiply the results by .78.
  • When dealing with triangles and trapezoids, always find the average width. Measure this halfway up.
  • When dealing with irregular shapes it is best to treat it just like uneven ground; break it down into as many rectangles as possible.