Gazebo Calculator

Calculate the gazebo lay out, the length of the sides, the length of the the center rafter, and the length of the hips.

Based on the width of the gazebo and the pitch of the roof, this tool automatically returns critical information.

Lay out

The layout dimension is based on what to measure off each corner of an established square as wide as the gazebo.

Length of sides

What is left over after measuring off each corner is the length of the sides. They should be close to uniform all of the way around. If they are not, then there is a problem with the lay out. The angle for the miters to meet correctly on the wall plates is 22.5ยบ.

Length of rafters

The rafters are in the center of each side. The calculated result is to a center point and allows for no king post. You can make this adjustment easily with a framing square. The measurement is from the HAP and does not include the tail.

Length of hips

If you do not have a great deal of experience in laying out hip tails, then you should check the measurements directly on site.

Pitch of hips

The pitch is based on a 12″ run on the framing square. For example, a 12/12 roof pitch would have 11 1/16″/12 pitch hips.