Sheetrock Calculator | How many boards?

Calculate how many pieces of sheetrock it will take per room or per area. Enter the width and length in feet for an area result, or add the ceiling height for an automatic room estimation.

Sheetrock Calculator

Drywall is available in sizes ranging from 4′ x 8′ to 54″ x 12′. It does matter the thickness of the boards, or whether or not it is fire rated. The coverage is the same. In rooms with 9′ ceilings where 54″ boards will be used for the walls and 48″ boards for the ceiling, use only the width and length to figure each area none at a time.

While areas such as closets and offsets are an integral part of any house building project, they can be tedious to calculate for the number of boards of it will require. Remember, if you are doing the calculations for  a rectangular room, then the closet will not be compensated for. Furthermore, if you are doing the numbers for a simple closet, then the calculator only allows for the inside of any room. Often there are several extra boards required for the outside of the closet compared to just a simple rectangular room. In these cases, use the only the width and length to figure each wall one at a time.

Other Material

Just because the drywall itself is obviously the bulk of the material, it does not mean it will be all that is required. In fact, in some cases such as very small rooms, there will be more expense in corner beads, mud, tape, and nails than the sheetrock itself.

Hauling & Handling

It is difficult to haul 12′ boards on a pick-up truck. Although it can be achieved, it should only be attempted by individuals with experience hauling such material. Just know that 8′ boards are the easiest haul by the average homeowner. There will be more mud and tape involved, but it will be worth it.

The boards are packaged two at a time. There is a strip of paper on each end of a set like this that holds them together. It is best not to release this paper until the product has arrived at its destination. Use the buddy system when stocking drywall. With a man at each end of the two board set, they can handle a great deal more load than a single person could trying to manipulate the material even one board at a time.

Drywall cannot be stored for long periods of time unless it is in a climate controlled environment. The paper will become so soft in humid environments that it will become practically useless after so long. It would be best not to attempt to purchase the material at one point only to have to wait for the funds to become available for the hanging process.